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Never say Die – Trends for 2019

All pepped at the start of the year with that celebratory hopeful feeling and welcoming changes with joie de vivre? Gearing up with the latest style trends in your wardrobe, home furnishings, and accessories and makeup looks but still missing something that makes a vital difference? Check back to see if you are following the Never Say Die Trends with your hair and skin care regime since that could be the missing link that completes your new year look. 1. Are you [...]

Skincare Trends

Millennial Skincare Trends

In today’s world where timelines and workspaces are all fast collapsing and the generation that was born post-1990 seems very comfortably adapting to the new dynamic, the personal care realm of consumer products is also challenged to measure up to lifestyle demands. One has seen and heard of terms like organic, natural, certified, cruelty-free, even vegan, but the current trends highlighted at global forums reveal three major criteria that pretty much determine the success of a product: 1. Multi-tasking product– Everyone [...]

 Know the No Use Zone of Products

 Know the No Use Zone of Products

Very often, particularly in the easy come easy go times we live, we accumulate many products that keep lying on our shelves. Some we become fond of and use regularly, while others sit there and are used randomly for an unwarranted duration. Here are some things to watch out for and how to know they have reached the no-use zone. They are more than 18 months old. They would probably have some biochemical decomposition and not advisable to be used [...]

Be Pro-Active Pro-Well Being and Pro-Health in your choices

Be Pro-Active Pro-Well Being & Pro-Health in your choices

Increasingly one hears of women with hormone imbalance problems, malfunctioning thyroid and a host of other problems like PCOS, infertility and the list is endless. What is more alarming is the age at which women seem to be getting these problems seems to be reducing. Younger and younger women seem to be at risk of disruptions that cause a range of issues- from hair loss, bad skin, insomnia, mood swings and even depression. What most major companies in the beauty [...]

Great Skin Tells A Great Story

Great Skin Tells A Great Story

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them truthfully- 1. Do you feel happy when you look at your face first thing in the morning as you brush your teeth? 2. How many layers of make-up do you need to remove from your face before you sleep at night? 3. Do you need makeup to cover up your actual appearance and increase your self-confidence? 4 Do you follow a balanced lifestyle of food, drink, sleep, and exercise or are you out of balance [...]

Glowing Skin with Tomato

Glowing Skin with Tomato

The humble tomato is used for its wholesome tangy flavors in both cooked and uncooked food across all cuisines. Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes lower blood pressure, regulate the heart rate, make bones and teeth stronger, help in muscle building and benefit eyesight. Pure tomato juice and pulp is also a miracle healing and repair agent for damaged skin. Anti-cancerous, it also acts as a natural sunscreen and bleaching agent and protects the skin from damage by free radicals. It [...]

Breakfast for your Skin

Just as you ensure that first thing in the morning, you eat the most vital, nutritious and energy giving food for the day, your face and body look for nutrition too. Silently combating the hazards of lifestyle and environmental pollution, worsened by high exposure to smog and radiation especially in cities, the normal wear, and tear of our skin is at least three times more than what it was for the previous generation. If you are looking for a product to [...]

Skin Care

Top tip for Skin Care Revealed- something you would never guess

Just the way your eyes are sensitive to radiation and need protection, your skin needs protection too! Yes- Newer trends in skin care globally show that products are being developed with an enhanced layer of blue light blocking properties since excessive exposure to screen time leads to rapid aging, degeneration and skin fatigue. It is well known that long exposure to computers and screen time lead to bad posture, cervical problems, weak eyesight, and headaches, apart from dehydration and the dry [...]

Why Organic Cosmetics are here to stay

While much is trumped up in the media and our everyday grapevine about the important of what one feeds our body, one’s skin is almost always overlooked as an organ of ingestion. Almost without a second thought we use products on our face hair and body without bothering to read the fine print on the label. In a multi-tasking and deadline oriented world, the key thing we are looking for is the immediate magic result, even if it comes at [...]

Skin Heroes for the Season

As the seasons change, so must we- is a guideline in ancient ayurveda, which recommends modifying our diet, habits and rhythms to be in harmony with nature, keeping us most in balance. As summer gave away to autumn, now the end of autumn heralds the onset of winter, already celebrated in our culture by a host of recent festivities starting with DurgaPuja, through Bhaidooj and Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Guru Nanak Jayanti and now Chhath. In keeping with Indian practices, we begin [...]