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Why Organic Cosmetics are here to stay

While much is trumped up in the media and our everyday grapevine about the important of what one feeds our body, one’s skin is almost always overlooked as an organ of ingestion. Almost without a second thought we use products on our face hair and body without bothering to read the fine print on the label. In a multi-tasking and deadline oriented world, the key thing we are looking for is the immediate magic result, even if it comes at [...]

Skin Heroes for the Season

As the seasons change, so must we- is a guideline in ancient ayurveda, which recommends modifying our diet, habits and rhythms to be in harmony with nature, keeping us most in balance. As summer gave away to autumn, now the end of autumn heralds the onset of winter, already celebrated in our culture by a host of recent festivities starting with DurgaPuja, through Bhaidooj and Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Guru Nanak Jayanti and now Chhath. In keeping with Indian practices, we begin [...]

Be Pro-Active Pro-Well Being and Pro-Health in your Choices

Increasingly one hears of women with hormone imbalance problems, malfunctioning thyroid and a host of other problems like PCOS, infertility and the list is endless. What is more alarming is the age at which women seem to be getting these problems seems to be reducing. Younger and younger women seem to be at a risk of disruptions that cause a range of issues- from hair loss, bad skin, insomnia, mood swings and even depression. What most major companies in the [...]

Great Skin Tells a Great Story

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them truthfully- 1. Do you feel happy when you look at your face first thing in the morning as you brush your teeth? 2. How many layers of make-up do you need to remove from your face before you sleep at night? 3. Do you need make up to cover up your actual appearance and increase your self confidence? 4 Do you follow a balanced lifestyle of food, drink, sleep, and exercise or are you out [...]

Beauty & Spa Expo 2018

COSMETOFOODTM presence was a great success at the Beauty & Spa Expo 2018, an event for the professional beauty sector, held in Pragati Maidan, Delhi – India from 17 to 20 March 2017.

Bloggers Meet

COSMETOFOODTM organised a Bloggers meet at Tabula Beach Cafe, Delhi, on 12th May 2018. The best fashion and beauty bloggers of the city were part of the event. The event started with educating the bloggers about the brand, it’s USPs and how it is different from other beauty products available in the market. The bloggers were given an opportunity to try the products towards the end.

Raspberry Facial Cleanser

Skin Energiser Raspberry with Decyl Glucoside Have you ever experienced the spirals of temptations rolling around you autonomously and you allow yourself gone with the flow! Enticing to imagine but actually not difficult to get… COSMETOFOODTM Raspberry Facial Cleanser spells the same effect which is hard to escape. The miraculous combo of raspberry and honey takes you by a delightful surprise while cleansing your skin. Its gel-based formula absorbs quickly and treats skin impurities. The inclusion of Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate [...]

Coffee Massage Souffle

Unwind the Beauty in You Let your skin set the admiration vogue with the wondrous benefits of Coffee Massage Soufflé! COSMETOFOODTM bring you the experience of finely textured well sculpted skin with Coffee Massage Soufflé. Perfectly alienated in age proven goodness of Coffee, beaten perfectly with natural actives and new age cosmetics to ensure the desired result.It has airy brow texture like soufflé to awaken the senses. The natural goodness of Coffee beans fine tunes the skin; evens up the [...]

Gaspacho Vitality Serum

Anti Sunburn Tomato with Glycine Biovector Days are out so why stay indoors! Enjoy under the sun, care free with the protection of COSMETOFOODTM Gaspacho Vitality Serum. It possesses complete care to protect your skin from sunburns, pollution and tanning. This highly concentrated formula contains Glycine Biovector & Glycine Lipo Biovector to ensure the skin’ acid mantle integrity. Association of powder polymer with concentrated polymer ensures good consistency and stability of actives to maintain the even effect of the application. [...]

Pro-Biotic Curd Cleanser

Immediate Lightening and Smoothing Effect for Body and Face Always knowing Curd as an excellent cleanser and skin purifier but hardly using it is a common tendency. Now you have to just use COSMETOFOODTM Probiotic Curd Cleanser and all the natural goodness of curd will sweep away the stagnant skin impurities in one go. The pack unboxes a complete solution for a refreshing and satin smooth skin. Natural actives and new-age cosmetics lift not only your spirits but also the [...]