100% organic

Our Guarantee

Pure, organic & all natural defines COSMETO. When you use any of our product you feel the richness of nature in its pure and unprocessed form .We place our utmost importance on sourcing 100% certified organic skin care products to you.

100% Eatable

Taste - Able

At COSMETOFOOD , we believe what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat that's why our gold standard for purity is edible ingredients making our products good enough to even consume.

100% Hand Crafted

Hand - Made

COSMETOFOOD is the place where the words "handmade" & "organic" comes to life. We go to an extra mile to handcraft each of our product to transform the experience into an extraordinary beauty saga...



Glowing Skin with Tomato

  The humble tomato is used for its wholesome tangy flavours in both cooked and uncooked food across all cuisines. Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes lowe...

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Breakfast for your Skin

  Just as you ensure that first thing in the morning, you eat the most vital, nutritious and energy giving food for the day, your face and body loo...

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