• All The Reasons To Invest In Lip Care

    All The Reasons To Invest In Lip Care
    In recent time, lip care products are taking a boom in the market. Beauty is one point where people wish to accentuate their features. With selfies all around, people tend to lean toward, fuller and pink lips. And, if you’re someone who is obsessed with soft and supple lip, like us, then you’re at the right spot. Getting plumper, pink lips is not hard, trust us. But maintaining them is one hell of a task. There is season change, water change, food allergies and what not! They altogether result in chapped, dry, flaky lips and you...
  • 5 Organic Goodness That Cannot be Missed If You Love Your Skin

    5 Organic Goodness That Cannot be Missed If You Love Your Skin
    Festivals in India have come to an end and even though we couldn't celebrate it in a grand style because of the ongoing pandemic but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy it wholeheartedly; India glammed up at its best and looked nothing less than a patakha/firebomb.  But now that all the festive mania is over it also means that people are exhausted after a week-long celebration, and all the exhaustion is getting reflected on our skin and body as with puffy eyes and skin looking dull because of the pollution caused during Diwali, it is time...
  • The Blooming Herbal Cosmetics

    The Blooming Herbal Cosmetics
    Herbal beauty dates back to ancient civilization. It offers to put our skin aligned with nature. Were you aware that the herbs for skin hold therapeutic benefits as well? Without a doubt, herbal cosmetics is a valuable gift from nature. The cosmetic industry is swamped with products claiming to be either natural, organic, ayurvedic or herbal. Most of us have already made the shift to organic to drive away from the pesticides laden fruits and veggies. However, natural or organic labeled products are not always ‘natural’ and safe to use. That is why certification is essential. Agencies like ECOCERT...
  • Probiotic is Pro-life

    Probiotic is Pro-life
    Probiotics is one f the latest trending superfoods- health-friendly bacteria that promote both physical and mental well being and are easy life-enhancing supplements to weave into today's multi-tasking lifestyle. Did you know that reduced inflammation and better digestion, protection from cold and flu, improved digestion and immunity, and freedom from skin allergies and relief from conditions like Psoriasis are all attributed to Probiotics. In our own tradition, pickles, buttermilk, and other forms of fermented foods are perfect examples of pro-biotics. Central Asia and the East have their own versions of probiotic foods, like Kefir, Miso, Kimchi...
  • Cosmetofood – For Vitality-Boosting Skincare

    Cosmetofood – For Vitality-Boosting Skincare
    Hunting for reliable natural cosmetic products is not always easy since the market is full of hollow promises. Moreover organic and effective stuff doesn’t always go simultaneously. However, cosmetofood ticks both safe and effective boxes. Cosmetofood distinguishes itself with an authentic handcrafted skincare line that elevates glorifying and therapeutic effects to the skin texture without any side effects. Flaunting a catalog that enhances quality and natural style of living, cosmetofood holds global charm with its eco-friendly unique products. The company believes in being an ethical, environmentally-friendly and fair business. Cosmetofood has halal, 100% vegan and gluten-free cosmetic...
  • Vegan Skincare – A Great Idea to Buy

    Vegan Skincare – A Great Idea to Buy
    Once addressed as a niche segment veganism is now whizzing as mainstream. People are keen on sustainable living, they are growing conscious about the ingredients and manufacturing techniques. The beauty industry is significantly under the impact of this movement. For the last few years, customers are as looking out for eco -friendly options and cruelty-free products. Grand View Research report states that the global vegan cosmetics market is expected to reach $20.8 billion by 2025. Companies are now producing quality cosmetic products that go along with a “healthy planet” concept. The veganism, animal rights, sustainability, and...
  • The Mighty Pumpkin for your flawless skin by COSMETOFOOD

    The Mighty Pumpkin for your flawless skin by COSMETOFOOD
    Naturally high in a number of vitamins and minerals, the wonderful pumpkin is not only valuable for our health but it also promotes several beauty enriching rewards. If you’re seeking to refine your skin appearance, try applying Pumpkin & Aloe Vera Enzyme Skin Polisher to create phenomenal clear skin. Its exfoliating formula resurfaces the skin and helps to nourish and polish your skin. Together with collagen boost, it clears off dark skin cells and is suitable for normal to oily skin. You can avoid clogged pores, expect professional-level results and boast your skin love.  Now let’s explore...
  • Sugar for my Honey

    Sugar for my Honey
    'Sweets for my sweet- sugar for my honey- your first sweet kiss thrills me so!' I can't help but recall this famous sixties song as that's what I feel after having found this excellent winter moisturizer from Cosmetofood, which I can safely say is one of the best skincare products I have ever used. The Lychee and Honey Sorbet, a moisturizing sorbet that will repair damaged skin with the goodness of lychees and honey really feels like nectar especially if you have over dry, flaking and highly sensitive skin prone to rashes and allergic outbreaks. Lychees...
  • Vitamin C – Multi-functional Ingredient for a skincare regim

    Vitamin C – Multi-functional Ingredient for a skincare regim
    Vitamin C is a vital player. Being potent antioxidant, it enriches skincare and eases problems both before and after they arise. This powerhouse ingredient has an immune-boosting property that fosters to rejuvenate and protect the complexion. It has an array of benefits- from helping to even out skin tone, shielding the skin from the effect of pollution, enhancing hydration and retaining the skin to look young and longer. Vitamin C is that one ingredient you must add in your skincare regime for plump and glowing skin. Here’s what happens when you slather well-formulated organic vitamin C products daily:- Prevent sun...
  • Natural Food Extracts – A Skincare Revolution

    Natural Food Extracts – A Skincare Revolution
    While we are putting huge effort to assure what we eat is hygiene, healthy and free from toxic chemicals, the time has come to set the same attention to what we apply on the skin with the same extent of the concern. Commercially produced cosmetics products contain harmful ingredients. The artificial colors, fragrances, and stabilizers are absorbed by the skin, which is kind of calamity waiting to explode. They are inexpensive, have attractive packaging and are endorsed by celebrities, but they do more damage to our skin in the long term. However organic food is always linked...
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