Cosmetofood has always believed in the ideology of “sustainability”! With a vision to transform the beauty industry, we have been working relentlessly towards the same. In the mélange of brands, we stand true to our belief that as much as we take from nature it is just as important to give back. With this vision and a veritable outlook, we have been empowering women towards achieving their dream of sustainable beauty. There has been much development on that front, as we are constantly evolving along with beauty needs and our planet's needs! It has become imperative to ensure that the packaging that we support is both eco-friendly and manageable. Cosmetofood has been involved with several brands and has become a trustable name when it comes to eco-friendly beauty. For millennials, Cosmetofood has become a primary choice and we cater to everyone’s needs in manners that won’t leave behind any carbon footprint.


To be the most loved taste-able authentic Ayurvedic organic cosmetics brand for a modern yet traditional India by 2021.


To provide taste-able authentic Ayurvedic organic cosmetics crafted by a multi- skilled team of experts in traditional and modern medical and wellness technologies.


To create taste-able authentic Ayurvedic organic cosmetics, enhancing self image using sustainable resources.


Authentic organic skin nutrition


Ecocert certified organic ingredients

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