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As a child I was fascinated by the fact that this fun festival actually celebrates the victory of good over evil- Prahlad, Lord Vishnu's ardent devotee is the son of his arch hater, the arrogant King Hiranya kashyap. Since Prahlad refuses to acknowledge his fathers' supremacy over Vishnu, he is sentenced to death by burning. The King's sister Holikatakes her nephew on her lap on the pyre and is immolated herself leaving Prahladsafe.

In an effort to remind ourselves that good always wins in the end, Indians found another way to interweave the onset of spring into traditional bonhomie and a spirit of brotherhood by smearing each other with natural colours made from vegetables, fruits, flowers and leaves- so whether it was palash and neem or indigo, #turmeric and rhododendron, the colours were extracted using natural processes harmonious with the environment and human wellbeing.

While some of us have grown to fashion ourselves as conscious keepers of tradition as well as the environment, sadly, crass consumerism and commercial factors have resulted in a large scale dilution of the spirit of #Holi, whereby hugely adulterated and toxic substances are promoted and made freely available to the gullible and not so gullible millennial generation, whose habits can be hedonistic enough not to look at long term impacts of their actions.

The problem is also there are no clear guidelines for permissiblesubstances in colour which falls neither under food or cosmetics, allowing manufacturers to get by with promoting literally any poison they chose- from mica and lead in colour to detergent, urea and chalk powder in the food and drink, Holiis a time where the adulteration quotient spikes very high!

I consider myself fortunate however, that I, unlike many ,am able to do contribute something that would make a profound difference of the self care and recovery stage in the aftermath of colour usage. Years of detailed research and in depth analysis of both indigenous cultural trends and western medical technology has allowed my product development teams to research and develop a whole selection of completely natural, organic ingredient based and cruelty free tested safe solutions for clear clean and healthy skin. Some of these hypoallergenic products are really useful especially at a time like Holi, because they can battle the harshest of toxins in the gentlest most effective way, without causing any harm.

A few products in particular like #Cosmetofood 's #ActivatedOrganicSpringWater has been proven to remove the harshest of make up easily. Our #MultigrainPorridgeExfoliant or #ubtan would be another great product to scrub away tougher colour gently, removing dead #skin and revealing fresh bright skin underneath.

I would even recommend the #soyamilk #kumkumadi #cleanser for highly #sensitive skin, the #honey and acaiberry #mask , and our eclectic #chocolate skin soother to finish.

We have also brought out an exciting range of #body #yoghurts that not only have a fifteen second penetration time, but an effect lasting upto 48 hours. 

Surfactant, paraben, mineral oil free and #vegan, all our products are made with the highest degree of #skinnovation. So go on then, #keepittopical and enjoy your #Holi!

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