Natural Food Extracts – A Skincare Revolution

While we are putting huge effort to assure what we eat is hygiene, healthy and free from toxic chemicals, the time has come to set the same attention to what we apply on the skin with the same extent of the concern. Commercially produced cosmetics products contain harmful ingredients. The artificial colours, fragrances and stabilisers are absorbed by the skin, which is kind of calamity waiting to explode. They are inexpensive, have attractive packaging and are endorsed by celebrities, but they do more damage to our skin in the long term. However organic food is always linked with good health and sustainability. The industry is growing progressively due to attitudinal change towards natural ingredients. This change in the mind-set has acted as a catalyst in the rise of food-based beauty products. 

Food and Skincare Alliance 

We absorb a great deal of toxins from our environment, thus we should monitor what we apply on our skin.  Foods loaded with vitamins, nutrients, proteins and antioxidants deliver benefits that keep skin radiant and soft – slowing the ageing process. Purchasing products, featuring fruit and vegetable extracts is a secure way to ensure that we are not using any sceptical ingredients on our skin. And this is a big plus point with the beauty brands that hold this principle for their products. Food integrated products can be believed as a level greater than natural and organic products with regards to quality, safety and sustainability. Cosmetofoods take the glory on its skincare products that are “food-based” which are safe to apply and can be tasted also. The company is committed to using real fruits, vegetables, grains and other heathy food ingredients in their skincare products. Cosmetofood focuses on implementation of the right technique for the production of food and the formulation of ingredients. It assures that each ingredient of every product has a healthy intent for our skin.

Food-based beauty products - A global


Food has become the core of skincare preservation. Food extracts have a class of special effect with a tone of healthful goodness. The trend of foodie skincare products has become pervasive and is turning into a global phenomenon. Food is no more second lead in the cosmetic world. It has pushed forward its way into a central role. The growth of foodie skincare products has reflected in the development of the food world itself.

Wind up

Set aside synthetic ingredients found in cosmetics. Handpick food-based skincare products that are free from synthetic ingredients along with high organic quality. Your skin and the environment will be grateful to you.

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