Vitamin C – Multi-functional Ingredient for a skincare regimen

Vitamin C is a vital player. Being potent antioxidant, it enriches skincare and eases problems both before and after they arise. This powerhouse ingredient has an immune-boosting property that fosters to rejuvenate and protect the complexion. It has an array of benefits- from helping to even out skin tone, shielding the skin from the effect of pollution, enhancing hydration and retaining the skin to look young and longer.

Vitamin C is that one ingredient you must add in your skincare regime for plump and glowing skin. Here’s what happens when you slather well-formulated organic vitamin C products daily:-

Prevent sun damage with antioxidant protection

Vitamin C can fight radical damage and inflammation caused by both sun and pollution due to its antioxidant function.  This makes it, a perfect ingredient to include in day time routine. Along with sunscreens, it makes a wonderful couple to prevent and repair the damage that happens throughout the day. Research states that vitamin c prevents oxidation of lipids thereby protecting the skin barrier, cell membrane, DNA and also reducing acne breakouts. A win-win deal!

Keep skin strong and firm

The l-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C can penetrate the deep layers of skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Moreover, it also aids the surface of the skin to appear smoother and firmer by activating cells called fibroblasts. 

Collagen is one of the essential elements of the dermis (second layer of the skin below epidermis) that provides the firmness and determined muscle shape to the skin.  As we age the collagen production shrinks, making the skin to sag. Ageing is inevitable; however regular usage of mulberry vit-c enriched brightening elixir  can help you to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Mitigates hyperpigmentation

As we grow older, the skin is marked by hyperpigmentation where the skin seems darker in colour compared to the regular surrounding skin. This happens when an excess of melanin created by enzyme makes deposits in the skin. Vitamin C assists in disturbing the activity of this enzyme. It can focus on stiff skin discolouration like redness and under-eye circles.

Wrap up

Vitamin C is usually safe, gentle and effective if it is used as part of an organic skin regime. It can target a host of worries concerned with sun damage and pollution. This superstar ingredient is worthy of our attention because every one of us deserves healthy, smooth and radiant skin.

Make a note that you might not observe instant results. It may take over a few months to see Vitamin C working.


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