Strawberries for your Valentine

Vivid red- the colour and shape of a vibrant pulsating heart- the subtle flavour inspires the delicate ways in which it is used across legend and fairy tales in world culture to create a longing for it's lushness- much like the lushness of  new love.

Strawberries with cream, strawberries with champagne, or any  dessert where strawberry is center stage invokes a sense of decadence and  grandeur and can make any body feel special. To see the effect it has try telling any small child you have brought them strawberries and watch their face light up!

Rich in a host of multivitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, strawberries are well known as an anti-aging food. Great for clearing up tanned and blotchy skin, you may even want to pamper yourself by putting mashed fresh strawberries on your face, washing after twenty minutes and feeling the difference. That being said, it is not always convenient to try and make your  own natural skin care products. What comes out of a bottle cannot always be trusted.

The element of trust can be overcome if one knows that the best skincare products have top of the line certifications. They use ingredients certified by Ecocert and Halal, are vegan, hypoallergenic, dermatologically screened, and cruelty free.

Arctic Berry & Strawberry Brightening Enzyme Exfoliant

Cosmetofoods has launched an excellent ARCTIC BERRY & STRAWBERRY BRIGHTENING ENZYME EXFOLIANT , the best exfoliating face scrub you can buy this winter. Made from authentic and natural ingredients in a true to earth manner, it retains the actives of both strawberries and arctic berries to give your face that special luminosity.

That being said, it is also an ideal way of pampering your Valentine. You could visit them with champagne and strawberries, and a jar of this  strawberry face scrub. Wouldn't it it interesting to see what you get thanked for ?

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