Cosmetofood – For Vitality-Boosting Skincare


Hunting for reliable natural cosmetic products is not always easy since the market is full of hollow promises. Moreover organic and effective stuff doesn’t always go simultaneously. However, cosmetofood ticks both safe and effective boxes.

Cosmetofood distinguishes itself with an authentic handcrafted skincare line that elevates glorifying and therapeutic effects to the skin texture without any side effects. Flaunting a catalog that enhances quality and natural style of living, cosmetofood holds global charm with its eco-friendly unique products. The company believes in being an ethical, environmentally-friendly and fair business. Cosmetofood has halal, 100% vegan and gluten-free cosmetic solutions that are never tested on animals. All the cosmetofood products are dermatologically tested and approved by Mascot Spincontrol. 

Cosmetofood products contain fresh fruits, herbs, vegetable extracts, and skin-friendly essential oils without using any harmful ingredient. These products are also suitable for those who have sensitive skin since it does not include, silicone, parabens, petrochemicals, SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/ether sulfate) or any other toxic elements. For example, Cosmetofood scrubs do not contain any microbeads and plastic content. They are good to be tasted, which makes them typically great to apply topically.

Cosmetofood takes pride in using biodegradable ingredients and most of them are ECOCERT/COSMOS certified. Their end goal is to give natural beauty an effective voice by offering clean organic beauty products that are 100% Cruelty-Free.  A devoted team of beauty enthusiasts design products that focus on individual skincare concerns and upgrade your skin health. 

You can fulfill your skincare arsenal with Cosmetofood and satisfy all of your needs and desires.

From innovation to ancient remedies, Cosmetofood is the destination for those looking for the natural beauty cult. Refreshing, enriching and protective, Cosmetofood enables you to find your right ritual for flawless skin. Crafting non-toxic products made from organic ingredients with recyclable packaging; is the Cosmetofood approach in helping us to live a genuinely green lifestyle. 


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