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A starchy tuber vegetable which can literally race it's roots back to West Africa, the yam has been traditionally used in a lot of rituals and has a lot of symbolism associated with it. While Nigeria is the largest producer and has a lot of varieties, in India it is known as jimikand or suran.

Rich in anti aging properties, it is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium and has been used traditionally to keep the body warm and infection free. When consumed as a vegetable it is a source of high nutrition coupled with low glycemic index and therefore excellent for diabetics .Apart from improving digestion and helping in fast nutrient absorption it also improves cognitive function.

Yummy Yam & Pumpkin Pulp Enzyme Polisher

This winter as I was going through an array of available organic skincare products, I came across this highly inviting Yummy Yam and Pumpkin Pulp Enzyme Polisher by  Cosmetofood, one of the leading skinnovators in skincare trends. 'How smart to combine it with something like pumpkin, which is a great source of anti-oxidants!' I thought to myself as I picked up a large 200 ml size for myself .

Perfect for normal to oily skin, yam pulp puree is high in beta carotenes and helps tighten pores keeping skin acne free.

Being a frequent traveller globally, I come across the best skincare brands in the world and always make  it a point to compare them to upcoming desi  organic skin care products brands to do a quick quality test.

Cosmetofoods has more global certifications than most other companies, with its ingredients validated by Ecocert and Halal. Vegan, dermatologically tested, handmade and cruelty free, the formulations are safe enough to be tasteable and contain no cancer causing ingredients.

A tantalizing scent in a textured exfoliating face scrub, the product is an absolute delight and kept up my feel good feeling for hours after .

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