5 Organic Goodness That Cannot be Missed If You Love Your Skin


Festivals in India have come to an end and even though we couldn't celebrate it in a grand style because of the ongoing pandemic but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy it wholeheartedly; India glammed up at its best and looked nothing less than a patakha/firebomb. 

But now that all the festive mania is over it also means that people are exhausted after a week-long celebration, and all the exhaustion is getting reflected on our skin and body as with puffy eyes and skin looking dull because of the pollution caused during Diwali, it is time that we pamper our skin to revive and rejuvenate it again so that we look as a pataka for all 365 days. 

Therefore, Aaryanveda's sister brand, Cosmetofood, a 100% organic beauty brand has developed a wide range of skin and face care products with the goodness of natural ingredients blended with the marvels of modern beauty science that will ensure that your skin becomes completely stress-free and sings happy tunes of rejuvenation 


Following are 5 Organic goodness that you cannot miss if you love your skin-


  1. Chamomile and Cucumber Cleanser 

This cleanser has been specially formulated with two natural powerful anti-stress ingredients, Chamomile and cucumber. Chamomile contains Apigenin and Alpha- Bisabolol two components that reduce the production of cortisol the stress hormone, making chamomile as an ultimate stress reliever ingredient that aids in restful sleep. On the other hand, cucumber contains Biotin that helps in reducing anxiety and control stress effectively.

  1. Mint and Basil Serum 

According to Ayurveda science, Mint releases serotonin that reduces stress levels in the body. It has also been identified as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient that cleanses the skin thoroughly making the skin rehydrated and with a natural glow. 

By blending it with basil we get the ultimate combination of treating our skin with the utmost care, as this combination is an effective anti-inflammatory solution that helps in detoxifying the skin. According to medical researchers, it has been found that basil reduces the free radicals in the skin caused due to toxins and pollution making it a perfect cleanser for the skin. Therefore, Cosmetofood’s Mint and Basil serum is an apt cleanser to remove the toxins from our skin that got accumulated due to the cracker pollution. 

  1. Quinoa and Fennel Polishing Cleanse 

This is not a hidden fact that Quinoa has multiple benefits for our body as according to Ayurveda science it has been established that Quinoa helps in keeping the heart-healthy, prevents digestive issues, anti-inflammation etc; it is also considered as a magic elixir for skin treatment as it helps in exfoliation, removal of dark spots and provides elasticity.

Quinoa is loaded with lysine that acts as a building block in the synthesis of collagen for the skin while nourishing the skin with vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 that helps in decreasing pigmentation and brightening the skin tone   

  1. Rosemary Mace and yellow mustard polishing masque

Rosemary Mace has been identified as an ingredient that is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing swelling and puffiness of the skin making the skin smoother and healthier looking. On the other hand, when rosemary mixed with yellow mustard the combination helps in further exfoliating the skin that results in better hydration in the skin and reduction of any skin infection caused due to the pollution. Thus, Cosmetofood’s Rosemary mace and yellow mustard polishing masque have been specifically formulated to nourish the skin by detoxifying it thoroughly and hydrating it again so that your skin gets back its natural glow. 

  1. Ceylon Cinnamon Basil Acne control elixir 

Cinnamon also is known as dalchini, which is considered as one of the most powerful natural antioxidant that has been used for treating ailments like arthritis and diabetes by Ayurveda science and because of it being an effective anti-oxidant it has been observed that cinnamon when used for skincare, it helps in reducing signs of ageing, gives the skin a plumper and even-toned look and most importantly it reduces inflammations over the skin. Therefore, to give the consumers a complete relief from any kind of inflammation caused over the skin due to the pollution, Cosmetofood has blended Cinnamon with another organic goodness, Basil which makes sure that your skin can breathe again as it effectively removes all the dirt and impurities from the pores of the skin, making the skin healthier and refreshed again.

We at Aaryanveda and Cosmetofood always want to deliver our consumers the best of nature as we believe that nothing can replace the goodness of nature when it comes to keeping us beautiful in mind, body and soul. Therefore, our mission is to develop authentic and premium natural wellness and beauty care products that enable our consumers to enjoy and embrace the beauty of nature.

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