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Herbal beauty dates back to ancient civilization. It offers to put our skin aligned with nature. Were you aware that the herbs for skin hold therapeutic benefits as well? Without a doubt, herbal cosmetics is a valuable gift from nature.

The cosmetic industry is swamped with products claiming to be either natural, organic, ayurvedic or herbal. Most of us have already made the shift to organic to drive away from the pesticides laden fruits and veggies. However, natural or organic labeled products are not always ‘natural’ and safe to use. That is why certification is essential. Agencies like ECOCERT and COSMOS carry out regular on-site examination before awarding a certificate. Cosmetofood brand with the medical goodness of herbs is one of the popular brands that use ECOCERT and COSMOS certified ingredients.  

Scope of Herbal Cosmetics

The herbal cosmetics segment is experiencing a climbing graph worldwide. With the awareness of natural skincare rising every day, India’s herbal cosmetic industry is in favor of a big boom. The herbal extracts used in the herbal cosmetics business contain phytoconstituents that are magical to our skin. Phytoconstituents can protect and rejuvenate the skin from damage due to UVA and UVB radiations, pollution, drastic climate change and much more. Herbal beauty notches synthetic cosmetic products on this subject. 

Herbal cosmetics in power:-

  • Free from harmful chemicals and thus do not cause an allergic reaction when applied to the skin. 
  • Works gently on the skin and have more lasting effects.
  • Requires the minimal amount to show effect.
  • Possess healing and medicinal properties.
  • Assures healthy and clean skin.
  • Claims to address all the skin problems like blemishes, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, blackheads, fine facial lines etc.
  • Skin-friendly and don’t induce any side effects on our skin which are commonly seen in synthetic products.
  • Pocket and earth-friendly as well; They are not tested on animals 
  • Suitable for all the types of skin  


Green cosmetic brand to rely on -


Intensely natural, Cosmetofood brand has an impressive range of herbal skin care products to enlighten your beauty regime. Enriched with the goodness of freshly crushed herbs and processed through purely organic procedures, all the Cosmetofood products are free from any petroleum ingredients, harsh chemicals, preservatives, and GMO. These superior quality products are known to be incredibly beneficial.

If you are looking forward to an effective and safe way to take care of your skin, then herbal/organic cosmetics are the best shots. Now that you might want to check products from Cosmetofood and enjoy its benefits, click here. 

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