Did you know this about Red?


Skin smart Winter Colour

Heat, vitality, great blood circulation, warmth, security and energy of the lowest chakra establishing rootedness and stability.

These are some elements that form the basics of everything one needs to look out for in winter.

From the cheer of Christmas hallmarked with Red and white, to red, orange, yellow and other bright colours to represent the glow of warmth to lighten up the grimmest of cold winters, we also look out for similar coloured foods to keep our metabolism high.

Skin care trends globally now emphasize that we use seasonal ingredients in our personal care as well.  Iron and potassium rich and Vitamin A and C high foods like pumpkin, beetroot, carrot ,and everything citrus that we consume in our diet is now increasingly being used to create innovate skin solutions giving your skin the same diet you give your stomach.

Try Cosmetofood’s Raspberry facial cleanser, Yummy yam and pumpkin pulp enzyme polisher or the Gaspacho vitality serum and watch your skin glow with health all winter through!

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