Top 5 Skin Friendly Resolutions for 2019


When every parameter of your self assessment is caught up with being on top of your game for the New Year, why should your skin is left behind?

Looking good and feeling great becomes a priority for almost everyone around the year end, since it is only human to want to start every New Year with a clean slate.

Particularly in today's world when one is at the receiving end of so much environmental pollution, and toxins in the food we eat and the water we drink, developing a consciousness to keep ones' body and environment toxin free becomes an important priority.

Here are some oaths that incorporate the most trending priorities in skin care globally-

  1. I will look after my skin with the same care as I look after my body. In doing so I will feed it wisely, with products made from the same nutrients I feed my body.
  2. I will be careful to use products that are organic and cruelty free. I will look out for dermatologic-ally tested and hypoallergenic products.
  3. I will ensure that the products I use are not carcinogenic and harmful to me, my surroundings or the environment in general.
  4. I will treat my skin kindly and respond to its changing needs with the weather and surroundings.
  5. I will adhere to a daily, weekly and monthly routine of skin care, recognising the fact that great skin is my best personal style statement.
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