Great skin tells a great story

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Ask yourself the following questions and answer them truthfully-

    1. Do you feel happy when you look at your face first thing in the morning as you brush your teeth?

      2. How many layers of make-up do you need to remove from your face before you sleep at night?
        3. Do you need make up to cover up your actual appearance and increase your self confidence?

          4. Do you follow a balanced lifestyle of food, drink, sleep, and exercise or are you out of balance in one or more areas?

            5. Are you emotionally honest with yourself and others in your relationships or are you storing negativity somewhere in your body-mind?

              Chances are that if you are #TruetoEarth in your #Happyskin practices, use make up minimally and lead a balanced life externally and internally, you won't need much masking to cover up the real you and you are pretty happy with yourself early morning and at bedtime.


              If you have been short -changing yourself on any account, however, and need to mask your true self just to make yourself feel presentable then you really need to step back and re-assess the parts of your lifestyle that are working for you and those you need to discard.

              Though our skin is our largest organ and our facial skin in particular a mirror of our inner self, we rarely think of it that way and go on to abuse it by using harsh chemical laden substances to cover up minor blemishes, making things worse and leading to a vicious cycle until we feel we cannot do without the very mask that is suffocating us.

              Best skin practices prove that using #Naturetonurture is the only long term solution for great skin health, a long term youthful appearance and a happy balanced you. There is no greater charm than a radiant glowing complexion since that is also the best testimony to your inner and outer beauty.

              Brought to you in public interest by #Cosmetofood #skinsmartskinstories

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