Glowing Skin with Tomato



The humble tomato is used for its wholesome tangy flavours in both cooked and uncooked food across all cuisines. Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes lower blood pressure, regulate the heart rate, make bones and teeth stronger, help in muscle building and benefit eyesight.

Pure tomato juice and pulp is also a miracle healing and repair agent for damaged skin. Anti-cancerous, it also acts as a natural sunscreen and bleaching agent and protects the skin from damage by free radicals. It needs imagination and common sense to combine all the benefits into a natural organic face serum.


Cosmetofood's Gaspacho Vitalty Serum is a unique anti-oxidant serum with glycine aminovector that protects, energizes and repairs skin damage.  The best anti-aging serum you can get, it uses the freshest, purest ingredients.  International accreditations like Ecocert validate processes that preserve authenticity, making this skin brightening serum a treat.. Dermatologically tested and great for normal to dry and sensitive skins, try out trending #skinnovations as you glow with gaspacho.


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