Season of Skin Love


It's the start of that month of the year where social media and convention dictates that if you are single and ready to mingle you put your best foot forward.

Valentines Day is a time for a new love and renewed love , and while every other kind of love needs to be expressed , skin love has to be felt seeping through one's more literally in order to melt away the blues.

While you look out for the clothes you wear, the accessories, and even the make up, your own skin underneath is often crying for attention.

Winter is on it's way out, but never leaves without giving you that dry, flaky , dehydrated and tired skin which you may hastily try to cover up with a quick salon treatment before the Big Day.

What often happens as a result of these chemical laden quick fixes is that on hindsight the skin is even more depleted of vital nourishment and regenerative minerals. The vicious cycle of you ignoring your skin and giving it instant treatments must be stopped with lessons in skin love.

Try the new range of skin loving  organic beauty products  from Cosmetofood to understand what truly pampering your skin means.

After a thorough cleansing with Organic Spring water,the best organic make up remover, you could try the Multigrain Porridge Exfoliant  to really knock out the dead skin from your face. Why not then follow up with a Yummy Yam and Pumpkin Pulp Enzyme Polisher scrub for acne  and finish with a glorious Avocado Pulp Mask , the best skin tightening face pack, and hear your skin cry out in gratitude and reward you with compliments?

This is the season you've been waiting for - the season of Skin Love.

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