Loving the Right Things


Valentines is round the corner , and what's not to love in this season, where it seems even the weather gods conspire to create perfect weather to cosy up !

On a more serious note , a day of love should allow us to examine and appreciate the various kinds of love there are and the relationships that require attention.

Other than romantic love where one is looking for or looking towards a significant other to cherish, there are various degrees of love in the platonic friendship and family area. This also includes beloved pets and care givers to whom we are attached.

Another kind of relationship is one we have with the things we own and those we use everyday- be it our clothes, our phone, the bed we sleep on or the shoes we wear.  Traditional wisdom asks us to look after our things carefull y in the same manner that they are looking after us by giving us a service.  For instance, If you were to misuse the shoes you wear, they would get broken or dirty and you will suffer wearing them.

Similarly we have a relationship with our own body, mind and spirit. If we cultivate loving thoughts and have a nurturing relationship with ourselves, we will be stronger and more resilient in our lives.

A large part of self love comes from our appearance-  the way our body looks and feels and how we nurture it.

A moderate but regular diet- exercise and sleep schedule will ensure that your self love quotient stays high. Also remember to allow your skin to breathe by using natural skin care products.

The best skin care brands in the world promote the use of simple but effective natural and organic ingredients that you can turn to anytime. An exfoliating face scrub,organic face mask and a  good quality face serum  are some essentials you never want to be caught without.

So indulge yourself this valentines with cultivating some great habits in loving the right things.

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