Spring to Life with Water the Organic Way


It's not just a cleanser, or a toner or a moisturizer- it is a supreme multi-tasking facilitator of easy living.

I am a habitual user of natural face products, but the claims made by Cosmetofods ORGANIC MICELLAR WATER was really too much to take in.

Would this natural make up remover be powerful enough to collect all the grime and dirt, even the most layered makeup and remove it from my skin, without any need for an extra firm hand?

Is it really true that I would not need to rinse off my face? Or even apply any moisturizer?

I decided to put these claims to a test one particularly tired night when I was feeling fully drained and without an iota of energy after a seriously high octane party which ended in the wee hours of the morning.

I found the claim to remove makeup without a hassle was absolutely true, and I did not have to be abrasive to remove even the lipstick or eyeliner.

The last thing I remember muttering to myself is let's see how my skin feels in when I get up.

It was way past my usual waking hour when I did finally emerge. Since my bed faces the dressing table, I do have a habit to examine my skin every morning, I did find to my delight that my skin felt soft and supple. Usually, when I have been lazy about moisturizing my face before I sleep, the skin feels dry, and stretched- often itchy and patchy.

I can clearly vouch for the fact that this is the best make-up remover for sensitive skin I have used since not only does it have so tingling or stinging action, it is gentle enough to keep the skin moisturized even eight hours later.

There may or may not be many skin toners and make-up removers in one, but I'm quite sure this one will be the gentlest your skin can find!

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