Potency Preserving Processes in skin care -Watch Out!


All very well that you've bought something that appeals to your qualifier  crazy millennial mind- the ingredients are right- the chemical free and cruelty free claim also appeals to your sensibilities and the product claims to be organic or at least natural as well, justifying the price .

Now spare a thought to the process that it has undergone to be created in this form? What are the potency preserving processes it claims to have? Remember that any solution which involves heat based extraction destroys the nutritional content or the active ingredients in your product.

In order to maintain efficacy, the product must be made using time taking laborious processes like the cold pressed extraction or now the more popular freeze dried process that ensures the preservation and sustainability of the active ingredient in the product making it live up to its claim.

So next time before you buy something new for your skin- watch out!

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