Know the No-Use Zone of Products

Very often, particularly in the easy come easy go times we live, we accumulate many products that keep lying on our shelves. Some we become fond of and use regularly, while others sit there and are used randomly for an unwarranted duration. Here are some things to watch out for and how to know they have reached the no-use zone.

  1. They are more than 18 months old. They would probably have some bio chemical decomposition and not advisable to be used on the face.
  2. Anyone has used them with wet or dirty hands.
  3. They have been left open and exposed to the atmosphere for a while.
  4. They have become discoloured or have started smelling strange.
  5. They contain phthalates, triclosan, toulene, synthetic colours, mineral oils or parabens all these are highly toxic substances and could lead to cancer and other diseases.
  6. They have fragrances of unknown origin- many synthetic fragrances that companies are using have now been associated with promoting allergic dermatitis and other forms of rashes apart from migraines and hayfever.
  7. They contain propelyn glycol and sunscreen chemicals- both known as skin penetrators, they are known to create disruptions in the body's bio-chemical balance.

Apart from these known dangers, another problem lurking under the surface is the hormonal imbalance that chemically enhanced products promote- and most of the time, patients do not even realize that serious problems like PCOD can also be caused by overuse of products that are not skin wise.


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