Mint Basil Mojito for Acne?


My friends were stumped

I told them I use Basil & Mint Pore Refining Serum for acne and Roasted Coffee Rejuvenating Massage Cream to moisturize my skin.

They were even more surprised because I neither drink and nor am I used to coffee. How can that be? Isn't it sticky?

I then produced from my backpack my two current new baes- Cosmetofood's Basil & Mint Pore Refining Serum and Roasted Coffee Rejuvenating Massage Cream.

At  22 I am a new entrant millennial to the world of 9-9 jobs, where I have to fend for myself both in the professional and personal space. Gone are the days when I had the leisure to line up at the neighborhood parlor or call someone home, my personal care has to be a quick self-managed 15-20 minute routine at best both before and after work.

With sensitive, pimple-prone skin, one quite likely gets into the trap of trying a plethora of best skincare products only leading to more and more trial and error results on the skin.

Add to this a super hectic social life, packed weekends, missed sleep, and the inevitable junk food. No matter how strict I am with myself, the mirror is my faithful companion pointing out every extra zit and every extra pound of weight.

While the weight is still a relatively easier thing to manage at this stage since I have a good metabolism, anything going wrong with the skin takes time to heal and recover. I was fortunate to chance upon the Cosmetofood range of beauty products, and the acne-related products appealed to me instantly.

Mint and Basil are excellent natural cures for acne and prevent outbreaks due to minor negligence coupled with environmental pollution. I have tried many brands of organic beauty products, but the authenticity and efficacy of this product won me over completely. This antioxidant face serum has both anti-bacterial and ant fungal properties.

Since I do feel the need for a light moisturizer I use the Roasted Coffee Rejuvenating Massage Cream as a light face massage for acne treatment and I'm all set to rock and roll

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