Lighten up with Toffee!

Toffee for your face? Makes it brighter? And it's non-sticky? Whaaaat?

That was precisely my reaction to the Vanilla and Caramel whitening cream that I received as a birthday gift from a friend. She had recently used some products from Cosmetofood, a leading player in natural skin care products, and was absolutely sold on them.

Vanilla & Caramel Whitening Cream

First the packaging came as a pleasant surprise.  A clear 200 ml jar with a vaccum sealed lid to minimize  moisture, oxidation  or contaminants , it is a delight to see visually on your dressing table.

When I applied it on my body soon after a shower I was overcome with the intoxicating and inviting smell of warm gooey vanilla and caramel and delighted to find how smoothly and effectively it just seeped through my rather dry ,neglected skin, giving me that thoroughly pampered feel.

My friends know that I am very sensitive about the fact that I tan easily. Since I am very experimental with skin brightening cream, everyone makes an effort to present me only organic beauty products.

With Cosmetofood the first thing I noticed is that the brand is so much more than organic. Using premium natural ingredients with certifications like Halal and Ecocert, these products are handmade with ingredients so pure, you can even taste them. Hypoallergenic ,vegan, free of mineral oils, sulphates and all manner of inorganic toxins found in skincare products today, on using it I really felt this is a Company that has raised the bar for others.

On using the product regularly for a little over two weeks now, I find it is an organic face cream I could safely recommend to any one, and it also doubles up as an effective sunscreen. Quickly absorbing with longstay, it provides a protective sheild against harmful UV rays and pollutantts.

My skin is better moisturized, visibly a shade lighter and more luminous, and I find I don't have to keep looking for a moisturizer more than twice a day. What more could one ask from delicious toffee?

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