Licorice for Naturally Brighter Skin


Yes Licor can be cool when you blend it with Mulberry and make it into a mask- only that we are not referring to liqor with a 'q' but licorice with a 'c'- a traditional English therapeutic root which is a natural lightening agent and a far safer alternative to chemical hydroquinone which is actively used in most cosmetic skin brightening face masks.

A lead player in the field of innovative fusion skin products, #skinnovating to bring together the best of Western technology and Eastern knowledge in skincare, Cosmetofood has brought out a fascinating range of high quality even tasteable  natural skin care products.

Mulberry & Licorice Mask

I was delighted when I chanced upon this particular  face pack for fair skin mask, since my skin gets tanned and sunburnt easily and Im always looking for organic solutions and natural face masks to try rather than chemical laden products.

An antioxidant full of anthocyanins which have an anti aging effect, mulberry is a boon for the skin.Licorice extract is great with fading out dark spots and blemishes and especally good in the darkened under eye area.  It  protects the skin from environmental stressors, as well as licochalcone,which is a remedy to balance oily skin. It treats skin conditions like inflammation and rashes , treats infections and and fights wrinkles.

This particular mask is a power booster being enhanced with red algae. Rich in Vitamin C and  host of other vital nutrients, it contributes tremndously to an age reversing effect on skin

Available both in a 50 ml and 200 ml size, this is a non-drying licorice face mask which you can simply wash off with warm water. Non drying masks are hydrating and retain the moisture inside the skin as opposed to drying it out. It s especially relevant if your skin is dehydrated and parched with the effect of environmental pollution and sun. The Mulberry and Licorice mask from Cosmetofood is here to stay!

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