• The Blooming Herbal Cosmetics

    The Blooming Herbal Cosmetics
    Herbal beauty dates back to ancient civilization. It offers to put our skin aligned with nature. Were you aware that the herbs for skin hold therapeutic benefits as well? Without a doubt, herbal cosmetics is a valuable gift from nature. The cosmetic industry is swamped with products claiming to be either natural, organic, ayurvedic or herbal. Most of us have already made the shift to organic to drive away from the pesticides laden fruits and veggies. However, natural or organic labeled products are not always ‘natural’ and safe to use. That is why certification is essential. Agencies like ECOCERT...
  • Probiotic is Pro-life

    Probiotic is Pro-life
    Probiotics is one f the latest trending superfoods- health-friendly bacteria that promote both physical and mental well being and are easy life-enhancing supplements to weave into today's multi-tasking lifestyle. Did you know that reduced inflammation and better digestion, protection from cold and flu, improved digestion and immunity, and freedom from skin allergies and relief from conditions like Psoriasis are all attributed to Probiotics. In our own tradition, pickles, buttermilk, and other forms of fermented foods are perfect examples of pro-biotics. Central Asia and the East have their own versions of probiotic foods, like Kefir, Miso, Kimchi...
  • Vegan Skincare – A Great Idea to Buy

    Vegan Skincare – A Great Idea to Buy
    Once addressed as a niche segment veganism is now whizzing as mainstream. People are keen on sustainable living, they are growing conscious about the ingredients and manufacturing techniques. The beauty industry is significantly under the impact of this movement. For the last few years, customers are as looking out for eco -friendly options and cruelty-free products. Grand View Research report states that the global vegan cosmetics market is expected to reach $20.8 billion by 2025. Companies are now producing quality cosmetic products that go along with a “healthy planet” concept. The veganism, animal rights, sustainability, and...
  • The Mighty Pumpkin for your flawless skin by COSMETOFOOD

    The Mighty Pumpkin for your flawless skin by COSMETOFOOD
    Naturally high in a number of vitamins and minerals, the wonderful pumpkin is not only valuable for our health but it also promotes several beauty enriching rewards. If you’re seeking to refine your skin appearance, try applying Pumpkin & Aloe Vera Enzyme Skin Polisher to create phenomenal clear skin. Its exfoliating formula resurfaces the skin and helps to nourish and polish your skin. Together with collagen boost, it clears off dark skin cells and is suitable for normal to oily skin. You can avoid clogged pores, expect professional-level results and boast your skin love.  Now let’s explore...
  • Sugar for my Honey

    Sugar for my Honey
    'Sweets for my sweet- sugar for my honey- your first sweet kiss thrills me so!' I can't help but recall this famous sixties song as that's what I feel after having found this excellent winter moisturizer from Cosmetofood, which I can safely say is one of the best skincare products I have ever used. The Lychee and Honey Sorbet, a moisturizing sorbet that will repair damaged skin with the goodness of lychees and honey really feels like nectar especially if you have over dry, flaking and highly sensitive skin prone to rashes and allergic outbreaks. Lychees...
  • Yogurt beauty for healthy glowing skin

    Yogurt beauty for healthy glowing skin
    Every one of us wants to put out the best skin forward. However, in spite of hard efforts, we may end up with skin problems that occur because of climatic conditions, pollution and poor diet...
  • Something You Would Have Never Guessed

    Something You Would Have Never Guessed
    Just the way your eyes are sensitive to radiation and need protection, your skin needs protection too! Yes- Newer trends in skincare globally show that products are being developed with an enhanced layer of blue light blocking properties since excessive exposure to screen time leads to rapid aging, degeneration and skin fatigue. It is well known that long exposure to computers and screen time lead to bad posture, cervical problems, weak eyesight, and headaches, apart from dehydration and the dry eye syndrome. How many really know how bad it is for the skin? Increasingly responsive to...
  • Millennial Skincare Trends

    Millennial Skincare Trends
    In today’s world where timelines and work spaces are all fast collapsing and the generation that was born post 1990 seems very comfortably adapting to the new dynamic, the personal care realm of consumer products is also challenged to measure up to lifestyle demands. One has seen and heard of terms like organic, natural, certified, cruelty-free, even vegan, but the current trends highlighted at global forums reveal three major criteria that pretty much determine the success of a product: Multi-tasking product- Everyone is looking for simplicity so if one product can take care of, for instance...
  • Licorice for Naturally Brighter Skin

    Licorice for Naturally Brighter Skin
    Yes Licor can be cool when you blend it with Mulberry and make it into a mask- only that we are not referring to liqor with a 'q' but licorice with a 'c'- a traditional English therapeutic root which is a natural lightening agent and a far safer alternative to chemical hydroquinone which is actively used in most cosmetic skin brightening face masks. A lead player in the field of innovative fusion skin products, #skinnovating to bring together the best of Western technology and Eastern knowledge in skincare, Cosmetofood has brought out a fascinating range of...
  • Glowing Skin with Tomato

    Glowing Skin with Tomato
      The humble tomato is used for its wholesome tangy flavours in both cooked and uncooked food across all cuisines. Rich in vitamin C, tomatoes lower blood pressure, regulate the heart rate, make bones and teeth stronger, help in muscle building and benefit eyesight. Pure tomato juice and pulp is also a miracle healing and repair agent for damaged skin. Anti-cancerous, it also acts as a natural sunscreen and bleaching agent and protects the skin from damage by free radicals. It needs imagination and common sense to combine all the benefits into a natural organic face...
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