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What if I told you that you could use a lot of different colors on your skin during Holi and it could actually be good for your face?

What if I told you that you could actually indulge yourself with reds, pinks and yellows, oranges and greens and purples, even browns, and it could actually work to the benefit of your skin?

Cosmetofood, a brand which marries the secrets of ancient Ayurveda to modern technological #skinnovations brings to you completely natural, organic cosmetic products in a riot of colors extracted carefully from nature's bounty.




Energize your skin with a splash of red in the Apple & Raspberry Oil Balancing Cleanser or you may prefer the pink Arctic Berry & Strawberry Brightening Enzyme Exfoliant - a luscious pink granular textured scrub. Yellows and oranges come through the other face exfoliator -the deliciously Pumpkin & Aloe Vera Enzyme Skin Polisher or the marshmallow pineapple fluff massage cream. Given that summer is here you might them want some purple in your hydrating face mask -a fresh blueberry yogurt or an anti- tanning mulberry and licorice mask.

100 percent authentic organic,
vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients
made with handcrafted and time tested technologies
can also allow you to nurture and
splurge with friends - in your very own special way.

So who says Holi has to be only about revelry and smearing each other with toxic chemicals? Why not gift each other some unforgettable skin treats this Holi?

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