Skin heroes for the season


As the seasons change, so must we- is a guideline in ancient ayurveda, which recommends modifying our diet, habits and rhythms to be in harmony with nature, keeping us most in balance.

As summer gave away to autumn, now the end of autumn heralds the onset of winter, already celebrated in our culture by a host of recent festivities starting with DurgaPuja, through Bhaidooj and Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Guru Nanak  Jayanti and now Chhath.

In keeping with Indian practices, we begin to eat things that suit the digestive fires during this season and introduce gentle warming ingredients like jaggery and sesame seed in our diet. The fruits and vegetables available change and the markets are flooded with ingredients rich in iron, vitamin C and a host of immunity building minerals that keep us healthy in winter. What we don't find in our naturally sourced diet we supplement with high dosage supplements.

Similarly, our skin has changing requirements for this weather as well. Fruit and vegetable based, certified organic ingredient based skinnovations are highly recommended because of their high absorption into the depths of the epidermis. Highly effective in not only treating a host of common skin related complaints like acne outbreaks, excessively dry, oily or sensitive skin, they  have the power to slow down skin aging and reduce the impact of environmental toxins.

Much like they work for our stomach and digestion, ingredients like orange, pineapples, celery, blueberry, grapefruit and yam work miracles on our skin in winter, and can be truly called skin rescuers or heroes for winter

Rich in vitamin C, water and regenerative miracles, authentic 100 percent natural ingredients crafted into the best practice fusion products, that are ethically sourced ad processed and True to Earth is a sure-fire way to being skin happy this season.

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