Millennial Skincare Trends


In today’s world where timelines and work spaces are all fast collapsing and the generation that was born post 1990 seems very comfortably adapting to the new dynamic, the personal care realm of consumer products is also challenged to measure up to lifestyle demands.

One has seen and heard of terms like organic, natural, certified, cruelty-free, even vegan, but the current trends highlighted at global forums reveal three major criteria that pretty much determine the success of a product:

  1. Multi-tasking product- Everyone is looking for simplicity so if one product can take care of, for instance -cleansing, toning and moisturizing, rather than separate products for each, it will surely be a winner.
  2. Time saver- No one has a lot of time or patience to spend 15-20 minute on the face or hair, in a slow time consuming ritual. Increasingly, millennial are looking for products that they can use on the go that take a minute or less to apply.
  3. Sizewise- In the age of nomadism where people have global lifestyles and are ready to travel anywhere, their products must also be packaged in an ease-of-use avatar and not be bulky to carry or cumbersome to use, but efficient, easy and lightweight.

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