• Breakfast for your Skin

    Breakfast for your Skin
      Just as you ensure that first thing in the morning, you eat the most vital, nutritious and energy giving food for the day, your face and body look for nutrition too. Silently combating the hazards of lifestyle and environmental pollution, worsened by high exposure to smog and radiation especially in cities, the normal wear and tear of our skin is at least three times more than what it was for the previous generation. If you are looking for a product to simultaneously clean, repair and nourish your skin with vital energy and nutrients, look no...
  • Why Organic Cosmetics are here to stay?

    Why Organic Cosmetics are here to stay?
    While much is trumped up in the media and our everyday grapevine about the important of what one feeds our body, one’s skin is almost always overlooked ...
  • Mint Basil Mojito for Acne?

    Mint Basil Mojito for Acne?
    My friends were stumped I told them I use Basil & Mint Pore Refining Serum for acne and Roasted Coffee Rejuvenating Massage Cream to moisturize my skin. They were even more surprised because I neither drink and nor am I used to coffee. How can that be? Isn't it sticky? I then produced from my backpack my two current new baes- Cosmetofood's Basil & Mint Pore Refining Serum and Roasted Coffee Rejuvenating Massage Cream. At  22 I am a new entrant millennial to the world of 9-9 jobs, where I have to fend for myself both in the...
  • Colours of Cosmetofood

    Colours of Cosmetofood
    What if I told you that you could use a lot of different colors on your skin during Holi and it could actually be good for your face? What if I told you that you could actually indulge yourself with reds, pinks and yellows, oranges and greens and purples, even browns, and it could actually work to the benefit of your skin? Cosmetofood, a brand which marries the secrets of ancient Ayurveda to modern technological #skinnovations brings to you completely natural, organic cosmetic products in a riot of colors extracted carefully from nature's bounty.       Energize...
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