Why Organic Cosmetics are here to stay?


While much is trumped up in the media and our everyday grapevine about the importance of what one feeds our body, one’s skin is almost always overlooked as an organ of ingestion.

Almost without a second thought, we use products on our facial hair and body without bothering to read the fine print on the label. In a multi-tasking and deadline-oriented world, the key thing we are looking for is the immediate magic result, even if it comes at a long term price.

Ironically, India with a tradition-rich in ancient forms of healing such as Ayurveda is struggling to make an informed stand against chemical-laden cosmetics. Most creams, lotions, shampoos and other grooming products scrubs sold in mainstream retail are still packed with dangerous ingredients like mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, and pesticides.

Since most people are charmed by the product that is the most advertised and promoted by style icons, rather than products that have the most certifications of ingredients and process we find the educated and uneducated alike looking for 'the quickest fix money can buy.

The global trend, however, which is gradually reflecting in the interest in #truetoearth products is because the West has realized the important role that skincare and hair care play in the entire process of feeling good internally and looking good externally.  Select Indian brands are subscribing to norms set by agencies like ECOCERT, and Halal certified, and uses only safe 'certified' synthetics and the most contemporary in freeze-drying and extraction processes to preserve the active ingredients.

Brands such as these often rely on natural substances like honey, lemon, essential oils, and soya derivatives as preservative ingredients.

High absorption coupled with highly efficient and active ingredients provides pleasing and sustainable results to discerning users who are able to assess the difference between products made by ethical natural and globally recognized standards and those made on the chemical insta-results freeway.

It is heartening that these companies are also turning to traditional wisdom and bringing in modern innovations to upgrade systems, creating a best of best amalgamation in bringing #naturetonurture.

With global trends dictating the flow of ideas in the millennial mind, it is not long before the real need to create long-term, earth-friendly, sustainable and #skinwise solutions for the individual and the planet will take define market evolution.

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